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Weekend movie watch

As mentioned on the previous post, “Sangili bungili kadhava thora” lived up to its expectation. It’s a done and dusted ghost genre with comedy theme but the presentation and the screen play is pretty neat and for a change there is a story with a message from the ghost itself and above everything it’s a positive message. Probably the director would’ve felt, ippolaam karuthu solanumna pei ye vanthu sonna thaan undu and considering the karuthu being that of supporting join family, which is as current a concept as that of black and white TV. Other than being the usual mish-mash of CG driven ghosts plus some comic scenes, there was a settled base of a family in search of its own house and their sufferings in addition to the concept of family staying together at all costs makes it a decent watch. Though the activities of Jeeva and Soori are kiddish, the scene where multiple Suri’s take form and Jeeva identifying the right one amidst all those ghosts by asking for his favorite dish was really funny. Heroine hardly has any role and Sri Divya lives up to it. As mentioned in previous post, the reason for relocation and struggles of those living in rented houses and their aspirations were really nostalgic and probably it made me like the movie more.

Gils verdict – Decent family entertainer for one time watch.

Uru – A typical, Hollywood thriller/psycho movie, which literally borrows every single scene from some or other movies. These kind of stories have been churned so many number of times that, people actually expect the twists and surprises and unless they are really original it immediately gets a seen-there-nothing-new feeling. The story is that of an aspiring novelist, who has seen better times and whose star is on the decline, decides to go to a hilly place to find inspiration for his new novel. He undergoes a “The Shining” moment ala the Stephen king novel. Even from the trailer, it was evident the list of movies from which the scenes were lifted/inspired. Poor Heroine. She had been made to run, wail, fight and cry for good 40 minutes in the second half and credit to her, she manages the entire duration with hardly a few lines of dialogue with the killer chasing her. The final “twist” was hardly a surprise and it was pretty much expected and the ending barely raises any thrill. Couldn’t blame the director or the screenplay writer for these kind of movies are dime a dozen in HBO and STAR movies and there is a very strong sense of Déjà vu while watching the movie.

Gils verdict – hardly original and rarely thrilling for a thriller movie.

Final movie in the list is the much rubbished, literally spit upon and ravished in reviews movie of the week – AAA. If at all there is anything praiseworthy about the entire movie, it’s the talent of the director into convincing the producer and the hero into signing a two part deal for this movie!! Believe me, if at all anyone can sell ice to eskimos, THIS IS THE GUY.

Gils verdict – avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.


G3 said…
U really watched AAA :-O
Unga kadamai unarchiya Kandu naan viyakken!!
Intha rendu movies kelvi padala, ivaru pathuttu reviewlam potachchu... Chimbu padam no more since Acham ennum torture, Vijay padam no more since u dragged me to Puli.. Lol
gils said…
hehehe...u havent seen buy rava?? oh my...u shd c sombu in all his glory(!!) in this padam

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