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H for Hello World


I opened my eyes from my little nap and tried to stretch my limbs a little only to find it hitting a netted ceiling. WHOA. This was not there when i went to sleep!!?? I got scared a bit and a cry formed on my throat. Before i could belt out a full blown version, i saw that familiar face rushing towards me. Its my favourite face of the few i get to see everyday. This character is very sweet and attends to me whenever i am in need. I just have to raise my voice a little and that giant form will immediately appear before me.

I was still in a half cry mode when that character lifted me off from my bed and started saying funny things at me. Though i couldn't make anything out of it, it still felt soothing and calmed me down. I was carried to a bright place where the other familiar faces were present. That place was a lot brighter and i had to blink my eyes many time before i could adjust. They all started shouting in chorus looking at me. Somehow i could sense their feeling of jo…

Breaking Bad - review

If at all there is a drama series that i've mentioned repeatedly on this blog that would be FRIENDS, followed closely by 24 and How i met your mother with a few passing references and a dedicated post review. Apt to the title, breaking the tradition for Breaking Bad drama series with a second post dedication.

As mentioned in my prior post which was a result of the impact of watching season one of that series, had decided then itself that this is going to take more than a couple of posts to cover. With only the final season left, after a binge watching across 40 episodes back to back, mind is literally reeling with after effects. Considering that there are only 13 episodes per season, with the story running in linear from a start to finish mode, wonder if the production house shot the whole 5 seasons in one shot and teased the audience with a bakers dozen per year!! Every season finale is nothing short of a blockbuster festival release movie of its own with pulsating finishes. If s…

Bone Labyrinth - Book review

Back to back book review :) the happy.

Me a big time pulp fiction masala adventure thriller novels fan. In other words, i like James Rollins and Matthew Reilley books. Both are good at combining impossible fantastic premises as story base and are amazingly good in crapping the essence out of them. They weave wonderful thread of fiction with facts and almost all of their novels have blockbuster openings only to go mega mokkai in between and a predictable horrific ending for the villains. My favourite portions of their novels are usually the prologue and epilogue sections followed by the author speak. They would explain about how they stumbled on the idea for the story and what were their reference books and links. Now, that would be an amazing section to read and follow, for everything would be so real and awesome that the information would stump anyone. Other than the premise and the source, there is nothing much to their stories. Anyways, here is another review of another blo…

300 - book curtain raiser

This is not a review about that Spartan soldiers movie. 
Its about an yet to be released book, a love child of my friend and blog mate. An effort that materialized after a near penance like trance and a rigour which matched "Rambo" on his preparation spree before any boxing bout. I wouldnt be sharing any spoilers about the book but would provide a back link to this post when it is published. This avasara kudukkai of a post is due to my unbridled admiration for his writing and the impact created by the story.
There are few book review posts that i've shared on this blog. Usually, its just the happiness or the thrill factor that the book creates or its theme. This is the first time its a double shot happiness with not just the book but the author also being a reason for the happiness. I pestered him to share the book even before its fully edited just out of curiosity for the story. He cribbed that his editor had mercilessly chopped over 40,000 words from the story. That…

Rudhra Veenai

Took binge watching to a whole new level and completed Rudhra Veenai series in a week's time :) The best part of the lot being, i didnt see the last episode to know the ending, despite the craving urge right from midway onto the series. Yay to that :)

 The story by Indira Soundrarajan, made into drama series by Radaan have been on my radar for few years now and thanks to my blog mate and good friend Brags, managed to get hold of the series. For long my complaint against tamil series is that they are in no league to match the thrill element of the english drama series. There are some handful of good comedy series like Flight 171, Ramany vs Ramany but none to match a good suspense thriller till i stumbled on the Marmadesam series. Read in some survey that they've been voted as the best ever tamil series of the 90's. Not sure on the authenticity, but they would definitely worth any such accolades. Marmadesam series where way too ahead of their time for any drama series is my …

Happy new year folks

Hope you all had a great beginning to 2016. This year having an additional day to it, will be sure a notable one for many of friends who are in the crux of many things. I am sure in few months time atleast one of them will fly abroad, few onto their own houses, few would be married within first half of the year and few hopefully would find their love by end of the year. Barring the last wish, rest are not predictions but mere facts which are lined up to happen. 2015 wasn't kind to many of them with floods and other mishaps. They braved through them all and came up trumps. So its only expected for them to reap the rewards for their efforts and prayers.

Mine already started on expected lines. Will be more positive going into the year. Have tonnes of trainings and certifications to complete within next few months. It all marks for a new beginning that i've been wishing for quite a while now.

To quote Star Wars, its a New Hope with the Force Awakening.

May the force be with you, a…