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Celebrity watch :)

I always wondered why people go all fussy when they sight a celebrity. Even the very thought of getting autographs sounded so crazy and idiotic. Mostly because i never had a chance to meet anyone famous. And the voodoo got broken last saturday. Now i too can blab my head off, having had a lucky chance to meet the famous blog celebrities 'Thala' and 'Zeno'.

The plan was to meet for lunch and then to watch 'Nanban' movie at Sathyam. It went exactly as planned right from the word go..for both Zeno and Thala. Ofcourse..namma case thaan oor arinja vishayam aachay. I arrived dot at 1.40 for a 12.30 scheduled meeting. I guess being on time or atleast anywhere near the accepted timeline is something i will never be able to adhere to. Not a virtue i am very proud of but more of a self confessed crime. True to the nature by which they are known in Blogsville, both were very nice and polite and humble. It was then i realised, why people do all those antics when amidst ce…

En Friendsa pola yaaru machaan :)

Was watching one of the gazillion 'Nanban' movie special programs on Vijay TV. This one tried to be a bit different in concept where in each of the celebrity had invited one of their own real world friend who had helped / been a part of / the course change of their life stream. Needless to say mind wandered to such similar characters in my life :)

The reason why i remember this person might be a very selfish reason ever. But still, unlike truth which can be ambiguous, facts are facts. He was my college mate, who, after the first year results were announced and when we rejoined the college in second year, introduced me to his final year friends as his classmate with good scores on the majors. Well, he was that sort of a person who was hell bent on winning the star of the batch award and was always behind results and recognition. He was the best Table tennis/Cricket/Football/Shuttle player of our batch and was also the best dressed and more than good looking s…

True lies

I am always at a loss to understand what makes people think i am from the hindi speaking part of India. In office very rarely do people associate me with TN. They mix me up for a Kannadiga or at times Marathi even though i know zilch about both languages, but never a tamil. Not that i am prejudiced against those places or people from there. Pongaluku vellai adikara mathiri vellai paint adichikita kooda at best i qualify as  'Maa neram' and i speak with so much accent that my tanglish is better than my english. Epdi paathalum, the relation logic stumps me!!

Last week it so happened that, i met this admin person. Now admins, like in most offices, are like doctors who are visited only in times of need. And like most patients who visit the clinics, no one has any patience with them or for their work. And being year end, everyone were queuing up to get their documents xeroxed or scanned and it was a really long queue. Like the prime example for Murphy's law, when i was the thi…

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) - 6

Story so far
"Have you ever fell in Love? Yaar kittayachum express pannirukkia?" asked Priya
Ram stood silent for a second.
"Ennada Ivlo Opena irukaalaynu paakaria? illa..nalla vela ivala naama kalyanam pannikalanu santhoshapadria?" asked Priya with a smile.
"If i say "for both" will you feel bad?" replied Ram with a smirk.
"Adi pinniduven. I know i am bit of a hmm..different and forthright. Athukaga atha mathavana kurai solla vida maaten. Seri..matteruku vaa..kaetta kelvikku badil sollu"
"All depends on why you want to know?"
"So that it will ease my conscious. You asked me why our marriage proposal got dropped right? My parents were adament on finalising it. Porakuraiku unga veetlenthum okay vera sollirunthaangala..and unkitta apdi enna note panni tholaichaanga therila..they were very impressed with you too. But..Naan thaan..Naan thaan venaam sonnen"
Ram stood in silence.
"Ennada..venaamnu sonnava ippo ivlo f…

Aye or Nye

I am always at a lost to understand how people can so steadfastly categorise view points as either fully right or fully wrong. Especially in our patti mandram culture, even though they themselves realise the futility of their own arguments, the speakers bull headedly approach the topic as if winning their point is the sole aim of the discussion. There is a thin line of difference between discussing and arguing. The moment people want to win their point it no longer remains a discussion and in arguments you hardly have a healthy meaningful debate. Words get sharpened and pointed towards hurting others into submission rather than gaining consensus. Is there anything in this whole wide world that can ever be categorised as either wholly good or bad at all points of time? Even the most purest of emotions, mothers love, becomes hindrance for some, post the arrival of wife. And one persons nectar almost always is poison for some.

I had an interesting discussion few backs. Don't get mis…

Up and running

2012 has started in a spectacular way. Hardly 5 days old and has already set the course of my life on the path  to changedom country. It all started with the Yelagiri team outing. I was initially dead against making that trip, as always for any trip, for i felt, just like the literal meaning of the word, holiday trips, trip me out of my comfort zone aka laziness. It was my friend who spoke me into getting on board and at the end of the 2 day outing i did had more fun moments to cherish than the uncomfortable ones.

One word about my friend - Leader. That one word sums him up just about perfect. There are those who become leader by nature and those who nurture it. Some are mass favorites while some stick to classy people. This man has this fine knack to balance between the both. He is the darling of his team and also of his seniors. His friends adore him. Every kid in every family who interact with him, see their role model in him. He has an energy of a 5 year old and brain of a states…