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Butterfly effect?

Morning 9AM:

"Amma..intha chedi pattu poidichi polarukkay. Pora varapolaam keeruthu. Pichidutta?"

"Aaamada..poochi vantha mathiri thaan iruku. Naanum ithu vachathulenthu paakren. onnu rendu thulir thaan vanthiruku. Sunday bazaar porachay vera chedi vaangitu vanthutu itha thooki potrulaam"

Elsewhere in chennai:

"Ennamma..paappaku ipo epdiruku?"
"Innum sari aagala paati...ella doctor kitayum kaatiyaachu. Innum infection kuraira mathiri therila. Enna panrathu puriama muzhichitruken. Paappa paavam. Romba kashtapadra"
"Azhaathamma. Viboothi malli vaangi atha araichi poosu. Seekrama sari aaidum"
"Viboothi malli enga kedaikum?"
"Poo kadaila kettu paaru. T Nagarla illatha kadaiya"

Evening 7PM (outside temple):

"oru mozham poo kudunga"
Another voice "emma..viboothi malli irukka?"
"Athu kadailalaam vikka maatomma. Engayachum thottathula ketu parunga"
"Koyambedulenthu varenma.Enga thediyum kedaikala" that lady starts crying.
"Halo..neenga thappa nenakalina enga veetuku vareengala. Enga veetula viboothi malli chedi irunthuchi. Aana pookavay illa. En paiyan kitta kooda inniki thaan thooki potrulamaanu pesitrunthen. Neenga venumna enga veetuku vaanga. Athula irukara alavu poo ungaluku podhumna eduthukunga"
Both ladies rush home.
On seeing the plant that other lady begins to cry.
"Amma romba nanrima. Antha kadavulay unga uruvula vantha mathiri iruku. Inniki kaalila 7 manilenthu naan chennai poora intha pookaga suthitruken. Engayumay kedaikala. Ennada panrathunu antha kadavul kitta solli azhalaamnu thaan koviluku vanthen. Anga unga moolama antha poo kedaika saami arul purinjitaaru. Romba nanrima"
"Thankslaam ethukunga. Veetuku seekrama poi unga paapava gavininga. Ithu kuda panalaina aprum manushana poranthu enna use"

Thanna pathi perumaiaya pesinathu antha poochediku ketrucha ennanu therila..annilenthu semmaya poo pooka aarambidichi antha chedi. Veedu poora vibuthi vaasam :)


Ramesh said…
Is this gilsu writing ??? What other dimensions of you have we not fitted into our gilgorithms ?? :)

Very nice.
Veevi said…

athu enna chedi? is it the usual malli? ore pic upload mother's request![oorle ore chedi ya vida matranga]

btw vibuthi malli ne google le type panale unga blog than varuthu! :)
RS said…
Unga amma vaaipey illa Gils!!

Athan kadavul ungala mathiri payyana kuduthu sodhichings :P
Anonymous said…



:D total damage paniteenga


sooraaha..aana fotola paatha ungala identify panida mudiyuma?? to me all chedis look the same
Anonymous said…

:D :D experimentuku kuda sodhaninu thaanga solvanga:D


Anonymous said…
sure thing!veetle malli mattum 5 varieties iruke! amma kandupidichuduvanga! :) -veevi
BSK said…
unga veetu chedi pathina kadhaya idhu? real story?
lostworld said…
sooooper shtory! ennaku teriya-ve illa vibhuti malli irrukum-ne. Butterfly effect indeedy :)
Anonymous said…

ijit?? soober...boto uploaditu tellaren :)


yesssaaar :)
Anonymous said…

:) hey u tamil typinga :D :D cuteeeee
RamMmm said…
idhu kadhayaa, illa a dramatized form of a real-life incidentaa!!!

Good one, any way. (ungala damage pannaraththukkaey sila paer irukkaanga, commentators :))
Anonymous said…

real life incident thaanga :)

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