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Padithathil pidithathu

Few authors thrill us to read more of their creations. At times its sheer luck that we might end up with the worse of their lot and might give up on them only to find many other good ones which we would've ignored based on first impression. James Rollins is one such author. My friend's sister introduced me to "Map of Bones" and told me that its in the same genre of "Davinci Code" and since i am a sucker for adventure series she recommended this one to me, with a warning that, at times this guy goes over the board like Ludlum in describing situations. With that warning in mind i began the book. I took my own sweet time to finish it but the book kept me interested. However many times i kept it down i always went for it again to know what happened next. In the end, i pretty much liked the story, though it was totally unbelievable.

The story is about the bones of the Three wise men or Magi who visited Jesus when he was a kid. Their bones held a clue to a vast s…

Phonetically speaking

My sister studied in a Christian missionary school. Somehow there is a notion that, such type of schools pay more attention to English and students from those schools have less or weak knowledge in Tamil (I am trying to be "politically correct" here..if u still find it offensive..don't sue me :D ). Once she had misspelled "Veera Paandiya Kattabomman" as "Kettabomman" (which literally translates to spoilt Bomman) :D It was so funny that her teacher still remembers her for that spello (had she typed we cud've called it Typo :D) and i never miss a chance to pull her leg with that ( aabveyesly u c :D )

I read an article about Dyslexic people, who spell words differently. Take the movie "Taare Zameen par" for that matter. There is a scene where the teacher gets irritated with Ishan for making so many spelling mistakes. Was wondering why people go crazy over misspelled words. What was "Colour" few years back is "Color" now. …

Aayirathil oruvan

Long awaited movie. The expectations went up manifold after watching the trailors. Selvaraghavan is one of the few directors whose movies people flock to see just for his skill alone. This movie was no less. Right from the title, it sounded a magnum opus.

Five minutes into the movie, you can feel that.."wow..this looks different". One thing, it didnt seem your normal tamil movie at all. More like an Indiana jones movie. I can boldly put my neck on the block and say that the first half of the movie, is something you would've never seen in entire tamil cinema history. It has THE BEST adventure sequence to have been visualised EVER in a tamil movie. I was simply amazed at that stone henge sequence and the nataraja shadow. It was simply..WOW. That one single scene has so many inbuilt sequences and logic that it was awesome. The cholas creating the hurdle in such a way that you've to be in the shadow of God (Nataraja, Chola's favourite deity) else get swallowed by bott…

Swaram's tag

The Rules:

1.I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link it

Thanks Swaram ( the chirpiest and the most bubbly blogger i ever knew) :)

2.I must list 10 honest things about myself
3.I must put a copy of Honest Scrap logo on my blog
4.I must select atleast 7 8 other worthy bloggers and list their links
5.I must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.

WOW...this is the longest time i've taken for a tag :D I almost decided to skip it..but couldnt think of any other topic to post. So here goes another tag for 2010 :)

1) People are almost always branded by the majority of the emotions they display. You are either witty,angry,arrogant,shy,reserved,talkative or whatever. But no person is actually this way all throughout (enna oru kandupudipu!!). Everyone undergoes all these emotions but what rules them for the majority of the time, earns the tag for them. I always strive to be an equal mix of all of these em…

A rollicking post :))

An amazingly humorous take on recent Indo-Lanka cricket scenario :) Since Cricinfo is blocked in many offices, here is an exact reproduction of the same.

Stop the madness
India v Sri Lanka? Lord have mercy
Sidharth Monga
January 13, 2010

One of these days the crowds will throw up in stadiums. On purpose. In synchrony. Mass streaking will happen.

They will put up tents in the heat and dust of Dubai, outside the ICC's headquarters, and smoke hash and play rebel songs until they get a written assurance that India and Sri Lanka won't play each other for the next five years. Not in Tests. Not in ODIs. Not in Twenty20. Not in women's cricket. Not in carrom. Not in women's carrom.

The written assurance will also have to guarantee that if India and Sri Lanka happen to reach the final of the 2011 World Cup, that match will be abandoned - dangerous pitch or not - and that the losing semi-finalists will play for the World Cup.

I have no doubt that Vijay Bahadur Mish…

Ghajini gils

Crowded bus. I was searching for the khaki clad guy amidst the sea of humanity.

Suddenly one voice...

"Hi gils"

I turned in the direction of the voice and found one middle aged man smiling at me. I thought he must've called someone else with similar name and almost turned back when he said "Give me your go get your ticket and come" was sort of established that this guy knows me. But i couldn't recollect who he was. Since the crowd was too much i shamelessly gave my bag to him and went to get my ticket..wondering all the way who it could be. Since this guy knows my full name, and SPOKE to me, he definitely cant be my relative. So that angle was ruled out. Definitely not from my college as he spoke to me in hindi. Could he be from work? Is he wearing his ID tag? I was too proud to ask him who he was and it was too embarrassing basically. I decided to play along and praying that his stopping should come before mine.

"So..whats up" i aske…

Waata week :)

Erkanavay poster adichi otathaa kuraiya oor poora damaram adichi told..still...EN BLOG..BLOGADDALA SELECT AAGIRUKU...woooohoooo :) Entha puniyavan/vathi soli vitanga therila. Antha anony birenduku zillion thanks. Maina thank panra inoru nanbi..SWARAM. Without her telling, i wouldnt even have known about it. And wish panni post poata Uncannykum special thanks :) I know of so MANY of my blogger friends whose posts come almost daily in the list of blogadda..but to me this is a big thing :) so vitta varusham poora pesitrupen itha pathiye :D

Aprum...long pending due...3 IDIOTS padam paathen :)

An actor who is known for his logical-commercial entertainers...throw in a director who gave us Lage Raho munnabhai...the expectation is akin to prime form Afridi and Jayasurya opening the innings. One cant be blamed for having sky high expectations from this duo or Hirani and Amir. I should say i was disappointed with what i saw on the screen. Neither it was a full fledged adaptation of Five Point Som…