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Another attempt at 55 fiction

Crowded market place.
Ram and Uma are standing in front of a vegetable shop.
Uma as usual arguing with the shopkeeper over the prices.
All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a tall guy lunges at Ram with a huge sickle.

"CUT...good shot. Lets packup for the day" shouts the Director on the megaphone.

Discover Your Palace - part 1

Another mega serial from my friend Suresh :) Posting it on behalf of him.. as usual..ur valuable feedback always welcome.

The beginning of myself

Just another day in college and I was immersed in my story in the classroom. My OM (operations management) lecturer came from nowhere and grabbed the paper from my hand which I was trying to hide. Every student was laughing as she was reading out the story for all, she was happy for the reason that my story had woken up the sleepy students. I was waiting to get thrown out of the class so that i can happily continue writing my story sitting under the banyan tree near our college canteen. But she ordered me to stand out of the classroom and listen to her lecture. At the end of the session, she asked me to meet her in the staff room. I wondered why she was treating me like a school boy. I followed her to the staff room. She gave the paper back to me and said,

“Amit, the story is fantastic, keep it up”

I was confused …

55 fiction

I the also trying...romba kushtamappa..history exam mathiri vala valanu kathai solrathu kooda OB adichirlaam pola..naalu varila kathai solrathukulla nora thalluthu!! Here goes...

He pressed the gun on his temple.His trembling fingers crawling towards trigger.Beads of sweat, formed a beeline over his eyebrows.
He closed his eyes and pulled..."Raammm....close that novel and go to sleep.Remember, you have school tommorow" shrieked Mom.


wooooohooooo....atlast saw the movie. WAKE UP SID... Semma expectationoda paatha padam. No disappointment at all. Sema time pass movie. Loved it. I dont think anyone else cud've done the role of Sid other than Ranbir. He is so very apt and have actually lived the role. Looks so typical spoilt aristobrat and lazy to the bone :) infact many scenes i could relate it so much to myself that the movie could as well be wake up Vid :D Konkona sen as usual rocks :) the problem with her is all her movies she looks so natural in her roles that people forget that she is actually acting!! Such emotive eyes and natural her. Ranbiroda frienda vara gundu ponnu semmma sweet :) the way she fights and smiles and cuddles around..u wish you have a friend like her around you. The other friends of Ranbir are also pretty good. I love the songs in the movie..especially the title track :) having that as alarm nowadays and "Iktara" WOW...Hats off to Shankar ehassan loy. They s…

2 States by Chetan Baghat

:) This was my reaction when the book got over. Right from prologue it held my attention. He had dedicated the book to his inlaws. Ithula disclaimer vera..tht its just to show his love for them and nothing otherwise. Athulaye terinju poachu..thalaivar etho sothapirukaarunu. Right throughout the book he teases his in laws so much that at times i wonder what would've been their reaction about the book. Kathai romba simple. DDLJ remake. Punjabi paiyan. Mylapore ponnu. Fall in love at IIM. And Kadhaluku Mariyaathai vijay shalini mathiri parentsoda samthathoda kalyanam pannika decide panraanga. Hero chennaila vela vangitu vararu. The steps he takes to convince the girls parents are almost taking IIT tuitions for her brother..helping her dad in preparing PPT and arranging music concert for her mom. Enakenamo he has written this book with some producer in mindnu thonuthu. Screenplay and dialog are so very ready..just the cameras have to start rolling..avlothaan. I liked th…


*** Monday we had a bloggers meet. Neria per invite panni egapatta plan panni..kadisila ellam bussuu.. Majority cudnt turn up because it was a weekday. Aarti vara vendia nerathula kareeta varennu solitu kadisi varaikum varaama apeet aaitanga. Enga venumnaalum ok aana officetimela mudaithu solitu Rat and "Has to be me" escaped. The usual suspects G3, CVR along with 2 pudumugams "Lollum Nakkalum" Karthi and Kanagu came. Ulaga varalaatriliye mudal muraiyaaga..Gils went in early!!! :(( 12.30 meetingnu ellar kitayum solitu enaku matum 11ku meetingnu solli oru pacha pullaya emaathina paavam G3yaiye saarum. Chamatha 11.15ku pona oruthaiyum kaanum. Fone panna guindyla irunthikitu saidapet vantennu abaandamaana pulugmootaiyoda avanga thagara dabba oatta vandiya urutikitu porumaiaya 12 maniku vanthaanga G3. CVR paavam..adichipudichi avaru thaambarathulenthu varathuku correcta irunthichi. Hotel semma ambience. Chennai hospitality industrye G3ya nambi en irukunu avanga selecti…

Little drops of heaven..

This Diwali has been so very special for quite a few of my friends. Four of my friends had babies and all 4 are girls :) and one another friend has adopted a baby girl :)))Sooooooooo happy for them :) I think the below lines from "Abhiyum Naanum" song sweetly summarises their feelings

"Thandhaikkum Thaai
Anbu Suranthathammaa
En Thangaththai
Maarbodu Anaikkaiyiley "

(Ajcl/athivasi pls translate for Swaram :) )

I think i am way too partial when it comes to girl kids :) Would love to have one in my family soon. I wish by next year my sis also joins the list :) Me eagerly waiting for my neice/nephew.

That song which i have mentioned above from that movie is so very dear to me. I can see my dad in Prakashraj. My dad was CCP version of his character. My sis was the apple of his eye. He always respected her opinion and was so proud of her achievements. My dad never liked anyone interfering in his work. If he does any task be it cleaning the house or preparing decorations for Go…

A silent diwali

Its that time of the year again, when birds, whatever little left of them in cities just vanish from the skies...stray dogs go underground..cattles are taken to safe houses..and people soundproof their dwellings with whatever possible available stuff. Its almost like a war zone and at this rate, in few more years, people might build underground bunkers to stay during Diwali. Its fast becoming a festival which people dread instead of enjoying.

Diwali used to be the king of festivals, especially for kids. There used to be competitions between streets as to whose street is more dirtier. It used to be fun. Somewhere, over time, bursting cracker has lost its sheen. Is it because i have matured and is no longer interested in it or have i become cost conscious (considering the hundreds which has to be paid for a single packet of any bombs..atrocious!!) I dont think its latter because even if i get crackers for free, i somehow dont feel like bursting any at all. I goto the nearby orphanage and…

Diwali wishes

wooooohoooooooo....Naaliku me the oootuku ADVANCE DEEPAAWALI WISHES TO YOU ALL...

Blogla pattaasu vedika koodathaaamla..athaan SPARKLERS oda stopped :)

Seasons under sun...

Got this as a forward. Made interesting reading and made lot of sense too :) check it out.

Just two years after our marriage, hubby brought up the idea of asking mother to move from the rural hometown and spend her remaining years with us.

Hubby's father passed away while he was still very young. Mother endured much hardship and struggled all on her own to provide for him, see him through to a university degree.

You could say that she suffered a great deal and did everything you could expect of a woman to bring hubby to where he is today. I immediately agreed and started packing the spare room, which has a balcony facing the South to let her enjoy the sunshine and plant greenery. Hubby stood in the bright room, and suddenly just picked me up and started spinning round and round. As I begged him to put me down, he said: "Lets go fetch mother."

Hubby is tall and big sized and I love to rest on his chest and enjoy the feeling that he could pick me up at any moment put the ti…


Saw 3 movies...back to back to back :)

First one Dil bole hadippa...

Semma time pass movie..Rani mukerji thaadiodavum kaila batodavum poster paatha udanaye katha terinjirukum. Still apart from semma flow. No unnecessary twists or over sentiments. Its so predictable can sit back and guess the scenes to come next :) Rani mukerji comes in every single frame of the movie. Enaku thaadi vacha Rani thaan romba pudichithu :) looks so cute and semma boisterous. Shahid tries imitate chak de Sharukh. Veracha katta mathiri ninna mattum poraathu raasa. Ella scenelayum piles patient mathiriye reaction kudutha epdi. Metukudi goundamani rangeku ilanalum Naan avan ilai jeevan mathiri irunthiruka vendam.

Gils Verdict: can watch it once..wait for the DVD or sony tv to show it.

Serendipity: avvvvvvv...ithana naala en hard diskla irunthiruku. Gavanikavay ila..namma tamizh "JJ" movieoda original version. Christmas...Newyork..Love intha combinationla chk panna guess there must …

The Lost Symbol - review

Romba naala pending..Book mudichi oru varathuku mela adicihi..ithuku mela delay panna kathaiye maranthirum:))

Since i am in clients place i hardly check my office mails. Anniki mailbox clear panlaamnu solitu paatha..there was this 5 mb mail from my friend. Ennadanu paatha...Dan Brown's latest novel!!! Got soooooper excited. I've become a big fan of Mr.Brown after Angels n Demons and DVC. Have read all his 4 books released so far. Barring Deception point i liked all his other works very much including the somewhat mokkaier Digital Fortress. I have been waiting for this book ever since he set up that teaser in his site about KRYPTOS in the CIA compound which he said will figure prominently in this the book.

The Lost symbol in many ways is like a sequel to DVC. Robert Langdon, the symbologist, is the cheif protoganist/detective in this one also. And just like the other two books, he has a lady sidekick, who is asusual a brilliant scientist and pisthu in her field, whic…

On a rainy evening...

Rainy evening..
I am standing near the window..
Thinking of us..
Wrapped in warm cozy blanket..
Floating like a cloud..

Time gallops..
At the speed of thought..
Everchanging paths..
always ahead of us..

Is this life???
Mind asks again and again..
oh love!!! the greatest feeling of all..
which is lost even while being searched..
That sadness is also special..
It flows through heart..
With memories of the time we spent together..
Permanent sweet memories..

When our hands entwine..
The memories so fine..
When we seperated..
The thoughts pristine..
The innocence lost in dreams..
One morning you went missing..
The i realised i lost me..not just you..

Hope you come back into my life..
Wishing to hear from you those magic words...

When two souls mingle..
Nothing is sin..

My search ends with you...
My dreams begins with you..

Finally our eyes meet...
time freezes..
allover again.

Whats the best form of flattery...imitation... right? Athuvum the mokkaiyer it is..the better la :) SO...Here it most favourite …