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Yaaaara paathu rowdynu sonna..

"Gils..aanilaam epdi iruku" oru varam leavela poiruntha damager returns.
"All aanis pudungified opicer"
"Kadisia oru mail vanthuchay..athu paathia?"
"yes opicer"
"Athula ketruntha detailslam explain panni detaila mail anupidu"
"ok opicer"
"Gils..porumaia nithanama mail usual kovapattu kanna pinaanu mail anupidathaa.." kovamaaa??naanaaa? PKSla kamal tablea kuthi fan ceilingla idicha epectla i stood stunned for a minute!! Naan epo kovapaten?? atha ithu epo pathuchu?? Packet packeta tortoise koluthinaalum onum nyabgam varala..

"Machi..anniki athu evening 8.45ku oru change solitu intha kshanam mudichitu po sonapo murachiye..athukaga solirukumo?"
"dei..en muzhiye apdithaanda.."
"athuvum correct windsheild kanakka oru kannadi maatikitu paathi neram nee ena reaction kudukaranay puria matenguthu"
"paathia kovapadriye"
"naan onum kovapa…

Spirit of Mumbaiiiiiiiiii

My My MY MY...this city never fails to amaze me. Such a vibrant and energizing city where it seems there are 2 sunrises perday. People never seem to sleep and trains are never empty. Be it weekend weekday or holiday its alltime crowded. Dusserah celebrations have been going on for the past one week in my apartment. Every night from 8 to 10PM they have dance competitions of various categories. Garba..Special garba..special saada..with masaala..withoutnu lot of varieties. All cute looking gals :) dancing with cute cute steps :)) dressed in cute cute cute costumes :))) It was nice fun. Yesterday being weekend the turnout was pretty good. It was supposed to get over at 10 but the crowd began to pour in only at 10 PM. To say that all hell broke loose after that is an understatement :) Me and my roomies were present as usual in the audience. Suddenly one of my roomie had a rush of blood and he started dancing (sathiyama ithu naan ileengo..sona nambanum) avana paathu micha socha makkalukum s…

I've a dream...

Ever since i saw "Maama Mia" in HBO..this song has been ringing in my head nonstop. Me a big fan of ABBA. That troupe has a cuteness in all their song..a refreshing sense of jolly music and nice n simple lyrics to top it all. I like most of their songs.."volevouzs","waterloo","I do I do","mama mia".."dancing queen" being the most favourite. But lyricswise..this one is my fav.. I feel its very positive in tone..

I have a dream, a song to sing, to help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of the fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail
I believe in angels, something good in everything I see
I believe in angels, when I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream, I have a dream

I have a dream, a fantasy, to help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile
I believe in angels, something good in everything I see
I believe in angels, when I know t…

Old man and the lift

Engayo padicha nyabgam..Indiavoda "city of skyscrappers" na athu Mumbai thaanamay. After coming here only realised. Emmaaaaddiiii....ella buildingum embuttu perusaa keethu. Pattikaataan mutaai kadaiya paatha mathiri first konja naal niminthu paathutay suthitrunthen (Quickly realised that better looking structures are at ground level and mobile :D ipolaam kannum kannum nokia thaan :D :D) Even normal residential buildings are a dozen plus storey high ( Approved constructionsa ilayanulam therila..but going by the numbers..i dont think there is any restriction here on the number of floors you can have in a building!!) The one where i stay is a 20 storeyed building (appadi..oru vazhia pointuku oru arai kilometer kita vanten..)

Though i stay in the second floor..its actually the 4th floor considering the 2 levels of parking. Current cut aagara anikelam drillu thaan..naalu maadi erarathukulla sethu pona thaatha paatilaam kannuku terivaanga. The lift operator in my apartment is a ver…

Weekend Movie Watch

Intha vaaram muzhichikitruntha timey romba athunala neria padam paaka mudila :( Had a bunch of movies to watch..but no time :(

First paatha padam...P.S I Love you. Rommmmmmmmmba naaala pending. Atlast managed to see it. Intha padatha pathi all my friends where raving about so much that apdi enna thaan irukungara curiosityla i started reading the book first. Not sure which one came first, but somehow i felt the book was more stronger in emotions than the movie. The heroine is more sad, more bubbly, more lonely, more enthusiastic in the book than compared to the movie. How much ever i love Hillary Swank, i still would bet Meg Ryan would've done wonders to this character. I felt it was tailor made for her.

Coming to the story. A cute pair of hubby (Gerald "leonoidas" Butler of "300" fame) and wife(Hillary "Million$baby" Swank)- Who fight a lot and love each other a lot more. Nadichavanga perlaam podrathukulaye hubby dies. Wife is depressed and a…

Taggedagain :)

Intha thaba Aathivasi madam tag we go :)

1.Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4?

:( first kostinay book anywhere near me..ithukaga rendu moonu cubicle thalli poi kuda paathen..uhumm...this place is deserted as far as books are concerned

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can & touch air?

hehehe...this is fun..pakkathula iruntha motta mandayana nalla kutinen :D

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

sun meejic (night 11 to 12 attagaasama songs podranga..that compere guy enunciates well)

4. Without looking, guess what time it is?

9.45 am??

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

9.41 am it is :)

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

humming of ac...infact..its almost like drumming..very noisy

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Just came from breakfast..some shooting of interview was going on, on the way..with little luck u can spot me on any of those zillion news channe…


"Enna maama epdirukel...aathula ellam sowkiyama"

"Raama...adaadaee...vaapa..vaa..evlo naal aachu paathu..guruvaayoorapan krubaila ellarum parama sowkiyam..chappala ullaye vitru..velila vitta pora varavaaluku edanjalaa irukum"

"maami enga..avanga keta book eduthundu vanthiruken.."

"oh...iniki appo enaku saapadu kedaiyaathu..booka vachitu ukkanthirapora naal poora..."

"enna..en thala urulrathu vaada Raama..enna intha pakkam aalay kaanum..aavani avitathuku paathathu..ipovaachum vazhi nyabgathuku vanthuchay"

"Maami..neenga keta book vaangitu vanthiruken..inthaango"

"lanjama...pozhachipo..ada..pudu booka irukay"

"libraryla thedi paathen..kedaikala..athaan vaangiten.."

"enda kaasa waste panra..Libraryla ilaina vitra vendi thaana..ithukaga.." she checks the prize.."adapaavi..300 roobava..unga ammakku terinja enakku thaan mothu vizhum..endi en pulla kaasa ipdi kari aakaranu"

"cha cha..amma onum s…

And now

Kaalam thavaraathu
kadalai poduvathey allaal
verondurum ariyen paraaparamay
endru irunthavanai

kadamaiyai sei salary ethirpaakathay endru
kadal thaanda distancil
katti thallinar sila

kadalai poda no vidalai
STD poatu mokka podavum ennai vidalai
itha vida sharpa mokka poata
ini blogai thodalai

g3in pathivu

P.S: intha dracula chain post ithoda istop aaguthaanu paapom :)

Thank you life :)

I've cribbed a million times on how unfair life is. How everytime when i try to move ahead making up my mind..something or other slips and causes everything to go haphazard and i am forced to make a new beginning everytime. When i had to move to Blore for the first time, leaving my family and friends behind in chennai ( ennamo chennai blore antartica america distanceanulaam kekapdaathu..first time moving out of the comforts of home..athu anubavicha than theriyum) i felt so bad that i was cursing everything and felt nothing worse could happen to me. Little did i know that, it was the beginning of the best phase of my life. The 5 years i spent there felt just like heaven. Then i had to move back to chennai due to an event which shook my life upside down and irreversibly changed it. As i was slowly coming to terms with my life in chennai another change. This time life throws me all the way to Mumbai and whatta beginning i had here.

As slowly days pass, i realise how lucky i've be…


Intha weekend velila neira suthinen..had time for just two movies :)

AYAN: Ithana nala hard diskla irutnhirukarathu teriama..intha padam DVDkaga wait panitrunthen. Vara vara en hard disk alibab gugai mathiri aidichi.. Enna iruku ilainay teriala. Need to clean it sometime.

Hyderabad biriyani maathiri kathai. Nalla masala kalavai. Everything in right amount and dose and in correct mixing. Ithuvaraikum varaatha kathai yarumay nadikaatha nadipu..indiavoda superhero apdi ipdinu overa hype pannaama..poothaa maathiri kathai solirukarathukaga first paaratukal. Firstay solita mathiri masala sentiment..sandai..kaamedi..gud songs..romance..ithu elamay iruku..kathai..vazhakkamana hero story thaan..smuggling panra hero..inoru smuggler villain..kadisila hero epdi villana poatu thalitu "vetri" adaiyaararngarathu thaan istory. Ending konjam "catch me if you can" pola iruku. Mathabadi..nothing new..epdilaam smuggle panranganu oru mini sessionay nadatharar director (itha pa…

Call from SNEHA

6th Septemeber "WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY" vaam pa. Naan podra mokka postlaam padichitu neria per suicideku attempt panratha kelvi. So praayachithama intha postaiyum poturen. Vara Sunday Marinalenthu Ezhuchi nadai payanam naduraathiri 7.30 AM (sunday anniki 7.30 AM naduraathri thaana) start aaguthaam. Interested people can click on the image enclosed to see further details.

P.S: ipdi oru post potutathunaala..thirunthitennu thappa nenachukaatheenga. sila nalla vishayangal endrumay lacto calamine :) varta.