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A sweet appreciation

Adutha mudhalvar..naalaya pradhamar..niranthara janathipathi..ipdi ekkachakakkaa awardsku madhiyil.. seriousa oru award for this blog :) from "Whattonameit" Priya.

I thank my family, friends, fellow bloggers, technicians of google (soringa ella award showlayum ipdithana istaaart panuvanga..athey flowla soliputen :D) and mainly the blogspot server for silently parsing all my useless posts without suing me :D

Apdiye priya postlenthu sutta varigal as below :)

This beautiful award was given to me in my Journal blog by Priya and I wud like to pass on to some fellow bloggers over all.

Before I pass this award, there are some rules which I have to mention -

Put the logo on your blog.
Link the person who awarded it to you.
Link the bloggers you are about to honour.

Prithz.. u jus have to visit her blog to c how apt the award is for her.

Divs.... mega serial madamoda blogs..padikarachavay padam paakra effect varum.

Karthik..valarum blogger :)
mgnidhi..thalaivaray kalyana parisa ipovay ista…

Kathai kathaiyaam kaaranamaam

Kribanantha vaariar mathiri oru genius for storytelling chancelangrathu ennoda kuruthu. Amazing story teller. Chinna chinna kathiagala vachu differentaana anglela yosika vaikaravar. Lateral thinkinga ila nejamavay athan facta theriathu. Still..i love his anecdotes and stories. Sampleku itho..

"Sattiyila iruntha aapaiyilay varum" . Romba familiarana pazhamozhi/statment. Obvious meaning containeray emptya irukarapo epdi karandila varum..athuvum emptya thaana irukum apdingara mathiri vanthalum. Athuku oru interesting kathai irukaam. Oru oorula, oru peria panakaaarar. Neria dhaana dharmam panravar irunthaaram. Avar wife avara vida peria dharmavathayaam. Pasinu varavangaluku sapaadu podama anupavay matangalam. Romba kaalama avangaluku kuzhandhai bagiyam ilama irnuthichaam. Oru samayam avanga veetuku sapda vantha swamigal oruthar sonaram. Murugara vendikitu sashti veratham irunga. Puthira bagyam undaagumnu. Athey pola kantha sashti veratham irunthangalam. Kuzhandhai perum adainthaa…

Lucky : How deep is your love - concluded


You don't worry... I shan't do anything like that if you are uncomfortable..
Thanks a million Harini.. you know how embarassing it can be...
So Aunty knows you huh ?

Ya.. I've been home a couple of times...

Mahesh took you home ?

Ya... why do you ask ?
aise hi...and is your brother married ?Do you have any other sisters ?

Forget Shweta... You tell us where and when did you meet Mahesh first ?
Yeah akka.. Tell us no...

I hope you don't think we are intruding...
No No.. though I am just a little curious about why I am suddenly being questioned...

Nothing to be afraid of.. We are just two curious cats...

Mahesh and I... we met sometime in October just before I went abroad..I used to work in a software firm at that time......I think it was at PVR that we first met..You know that place right ? At The Forum on Hosur Road..

Yeah.. I know....and then how did you become friends ?

He was there with Divya and my best buddy Shiv.. You might be knowing them..
Divya is Mahesh's classm…

Lucky: How deep is your love - part 1

Ithu en friend ezhuthina kathai. Conversation modela semma cutea posting it here.


Mahesh, the muhurth is at 6 am and we need to leave atleast by 5:30.. Wake up..Amma and I have taken our bath, Appa is in and you are next...

Viddu, do I really need to come ? I mean, I did not wake up before 6 even on Diwali and here we are talking about the Upanayanam of some second cousin...whats his name...Nishant... I've never met in my whole life and I'm expected to change my holiday habits......

But the entire family is congregating da. Murali mama is coming all the way from Singapore and you can't move your fat ass from BTM to Hebbal....

Its a bloody Sunday dammit..besides you guys need me only as a chauffeur...Why don't you take the car ? I'll manage with Pri's Zen...

The pottery class again ?

Yeah...Don't feign as if you don't know... what time will you come to the mandap then ?

Class is from 9 to 12.. I will come for lunch but rememb…

Smile phulees..

"ok..ready..get..set..and STOP CLENCHING YOUR TEETH"
"huh..u dont give me that Hannibal lecter look..i will give it a better try..promise"
"hmm..ok..relax..deep tension..happy thoughts..think of your own stupid jokes"
"huh..that would make me remorse"
" we go..say cheeeeeeees..Oh MY GOD..whats the matter with you..saying cheese doesnt add to your calories man..cant you ever smile?"

Ithey koothu thanga..oru oru thadavayum passport photo eduka porachaylam ithey imsai. I confess. I cant pose a smile. Athukaga Narasima rao mathiri ila. Me very very conscious while getting clicked. Whenever there is a need for a passport size foto i go for a new one. Atleast oru thadavayachum siricha mathiri varuthanu try panna. Oru oru thadavayum fotographer BP ethi vitathu than micham. When they say CHEESE i FREEZE. School ID cardla en pic patha apdiye thooku thandanaikaga wait paniturukara kaithi mathiri irukum (comment courtsey: clas…

Lyrically urs :)

Nenjikul peithidum maa mazhai..
oru rendu vaarama nonstopa olichitrukara song. Ma mazhai ngara word keta udanaye romba pudichi poachu.

Adhu matumilama antha songla inoru line varum.."Ennodu va veedu varaikum..en veetai paar ennai pidikum" nu.
WOW...yosichu parunga, assuming surya is bachelor in the movie, evanachum avan GF a veeta paru..unaku pudikara mari irukumnu kupduvana? romba differentaana thought..aana semma cute. Intha linekagavay intha paatu inum pudichi poachu.. :) Thamarai definitely shines amidst biggies. Romba differenta iruku ivanga lyrics. I am big fan of her words. Vaseegara lenthu kalakitrukanga.

Enaku kaakka kaakka padathula vara "oru ooril azhagay uruvai" songum romba pudikum. Athula dimple vachu oru super line varum. "Aval kannathin kuzhiyil siru sedigalum nadalaam"nu. Very sweet and very cute. After that song..yentha ponnoda dimple pathalum intha line thaan thonuthu. Avlo nachunu padinijruchi.

Athey pola "Veyil" padathula va…


பிறத்தலும் இறத்தலும்
உறங்கலும் விழித்தலும்
போமேயாம் என்ற
உண்மையை உணர்ந்தால்
உலகில் ஒரு கவலையும் இல்லை

கவலை என்பது இல்லாமல்
கண்ணீர் சுரப்பிகளை
கடவுள் படைத்திருக்கமாட்டார்
சுரக்கும் கண்ணீர்
சோகத்தினாலா சுகத்தினாலா
என்பதை முடிவு செய்வது
கண்களின் பொறுப்பன்று
கடவுளின் செயலுமன்று
இரு கை கொண்டொராயுனும்
நம்பிக்கை உடயோரெனின்
வேரெதும் இல்லாரயினுமவர்
எல்லாம் உடையோரே

உருப்பெருவது சிலை
உடைந்து போன கல்லை
எண்ணி அது கலங்குவதில்லை
கால உளி செதுக்கி
காட்சி மாறும் கற்கள் நாம்.
தொலைந்து போன கல்லா
இல்லை உருமாறிய சிலையா
நம் மனநிலையில்லுள்ளது
தெய்வம் என்றால் அது தெய்வம்
வெறும் சிலை என்றால் கற்சிலை தான்.

intha postukana inspiration prespiration evaporation condensation..elathukum karanam kadisi rendu line. Pazhaya cinema paatula vara lines..apdiye tortoise coil suthi..thoughts engayo poidichi..athan vilaivay intha mokkai :D

சுக்குமி...ளகுதி...ப்பிலியும் அத்திரிபாச்சாவும்

எங்கம்மா, நான் school homeworka எழுதற அழக பார்த்து சொன்ன கதை இது :)

ஒரு ஊருல ஒரு அவசர குடுக்கை இருந்தானாம். எல்லா விஷயத்திலையும் அவசரம். குடுகுடுனு செஞ்சு முடிச்சிடனும்னு வேகவேகமா வேலைய செய்வானாம்..தப்பும் தவறுமா. இப்படித்தான் ஒரு தடவ அவன் அம்மா அவன் கிட்ட, மளிகை சாமான் லிஸ்ட் எழுதித்தரேன் வாங்கிகிட்டு வான்னு சொன்னாங்க. அதுக்கு அவன்,நீ எழுத லேட் ஆகும். அதுனால நானே எழுதிக்கரேன்,நீ சொல்ல மட்டும் சொல்லுனு சொல்லிகிட்டு, கடகடனு எழுத ஆரம்பிச்சானாம்.
லிஸ்ட் ரெடி ஆனதும் ஓட்டமா ஒடி போய் கடைல குடுத்திருக்கான். கடைக்காரன் படிச்சு பாத்துட்டு,ஒன்னும் புரியலன்னு, திருப்பிக்குடுத்துட்டானாம். அப்பிடி என்னதான் எழுதிருக்கான் லிஸ்டுலன்னு பாத்தா

அவங்க அம்மா சொன்னது சுக்கு 100GM,மிளகு 100GM,திப்பிலி 100GM. அவசரத்துல சேர்த்து எழுதிட்டுப்போனதுனால இம்புட்டு குழப்பம். என் handwriting எவ்வளவு மோசம்னு இதுலேந்தே தெரிஞ்சிருக்கும் :)

ஞாபக மறதிக்கு ஒரு கதை சொல்லுவாங்க :)

புதுசா கல்யாணமான ஒருத்தன், ஒரு நாள், பட்டு வேட்டி, பட்டு சட்டை போட்டுகிட்டு, அவன் friend வீட்டுக்கு போனானாம். அங்க அவனுக்கு சாப்ப…

Jus for laughs

As usual Ram late coming. Kadupil mr.X.
"Yenda punctuala iruka kudathunu sathiyam pani vachitia? "
"Ur aanar..ithu abaandamaana kutrachaatu..ipolam naan pesarapo kuda comma, colon poatu solra alavuku punctuala irukenakum"
Vazhakkam pola "Ithelam enga urupdapoguthu" nu oru look vitutu "en late..ethachum kathai karanam vachirupiaye?"
"Kathai ilai ur aanar..oru kostin thaan en thamathathiruku karanam....enna kostinnu intha edathula neenga ketaaganum"
"kekaati solamaya iruka pora..sollithoalai"
"Kathirikaaiku englishla enna?"
"ada..tension agama solunga ur aanar"
"athoda plural?"
"correct..urulai kezhanguku enna?"
"potatoes..dei...udha vanga pora..ozhunga matterku va"
"seri kola veri...vendaikaaiku enna? itha matum solunga"
"ladys finger"
"ithoda plural lady fingersa …

Movers n Shakers - concluded

This title should originally be given to the BSE- whose recent dakshinayanan move has shook the nation and has taken many a life.
I confess, me dont've no idea of what stock market is and how BULLs defy gravity and end up licking the boots of BEARs. To me its all Bull and too much to bear. But i always find it interesting to watch the numbers add up and when it reached 21k early this year, everyone became an expert and shares n stock became talk of the day. parama padham mathiri irukara intha velatuku nayayapadi snakes n laddersa than examplea use panirukanum..engenthu kaala maadum karadiyum vanthuchinu therila. Etho..ipo improve agitu varuthunu solranga. Nalla iruntha seri.

Final personality on my "MnS" (;) list is none other than the only World Champion from India. Vishvanathan anand. My first sports hero. Chess velada kathukarathuku munalenthay Anand pathi kelvi patruken. Amazing person. One billion peoploda oray representative at a world level. A true champion. Chess …

Trivia :)

Two reasons caused a break in the movers n shakers series :)

First one

To quote like Chandler (Mathew Perry) from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

"Kumble is Humble with a K"
In the era of low cost airlines, true to his name, JUMBO retires from cricket.
The indian scorecard will have a HUGE gap in the bowling section without this name. Ever since i've been following cricket, there are few names like Sachin, Dravid, Kumble...all of which sound as synonymous as bat, ball and wicket. It feels really sad to see them moving out, which they have to and this being the right time as well. ShahRukh once commented about a newcomer on his debut movie- "May your career go through the 4 stages of being a superstar. First people will ask "who is this guy" next they will ask " I want only this guy" thirdly they will ask "get me someone who looks like this guy" and finally they will ask "for a younger version of this guy". Guess it will apply to the bowling supersta…

Movers n Shakers - 2

This post is about a bunch of people under the misguided influence of a till-recently-nonentity of a person. Actually the title, fits them to a T. They moved and shoved and shook things and people alike, around them, to catapult into lime light. The MNS. Phonetically the name of their group is more accurate in Tamil where it reads "YEMANS".

For those who werent born under the British rule, feel no worries. Except for the colour of the skin, the practices followed 2 centuries back still holds good and lo behold..we are still in the days of the Raj!! Even a child will know how fragile the is the thread called unity in diversity. You dont need a hacksaw to tore it to shreds when mere words harshly spelt can mean doom. If you thought so, well the former is the way in which the MN(ui)S(ance) have been dealing with the issue of mumbaikars vs non-mumbaikars.

Indian history has seen the term immigrants being etched with blood and gore ever since it saw independence. But I think for th…