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08 kazhithalum 09 puguthalum

F.R.I.E.N.D.S again :)

Anjer time and Really tuff movie kwij :)

குயிஜு டைம்

நினைவோ ஒரு பறவை

A sweet appreciation

Kathai kathaiyaam kaaranamaam

Lucky : How deep is your love - concluded

Lucky: How deep is your love - part 1

Smile phulees..

Lyrically urs :)


சுக்குமி...ளகுதி...ப்பிலியும் அத்திரிபாச்சாவும்

Jus for laughs

Movers n Shakers - concluded

Trivia :)

Movers n Shakers - 2

Movers n Shakers - 1


Romanc(in) movies

Dea(r)th of language - final part

Dea(r)th of language - part 1

Rock on

Kelviyin nayagan is back :)

Lord of the Rings

Nightmare on wall street:


lol's @ gils

Cuties of Chutti tv

A for apple tag

Padithathil pidithathu

Career women Vs Home makers- part 2

Carrer women Vs Home makers - part 1

Celebration time :)