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I am lost for words...mind has gone numb...somehow feel violated...what a powerful performance...watta show it was...dint knew how two hours hooked onto it for every single second of amazing experience...cinema is a powerful medium..had a hearty experience....never have i became this serious after watching a movie...and never had the hangover lasted this long...if its a comedy u relate the jokes, repeat them and relive the fun moments...but movies of this sort make u sit up and something awakes in u and refuses to lie down for a while...BLACK did it for me...i have heard a lot abt never had the patience to see friends suggested never to try it for its very sad and not my kind of movie...i was browsing thru the channels and found this one running in one of them...out of curiosity stayed on tht channel for a while and the vigil ended two hours later...i want to wear a hat and take it off for each and every single actor in tht movie...especially tht ga…

In Training

Adutha moonu vaarathuku training irukum the escape...i was never an morning guy...pity have to start at 6 in the morning to office..mop up the morning work and then go for training...kadi podraangapa...blore climatela...getting up at 5 am is a crime


Want to shout like Mel Gibson or William the climax scene of Brave Heart..atlast..the govt decided to break the self imposed shackles on the blogging world...kaiya kaala katti poatta mathri aaidichi...wen i wrote my first blog..never ever realised tht i wud get so addicted to this.. :)...we realise the importance of certain things..only when they are deprived...may be we take them for granted to be certain in this uncertain times...whatever it is...Enjoy ur Blog access as long as its there...WoooooooooooooooooooooooHHHHHHhhhhhhhooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


Watch this movie...Its too gud...slap it by watever name..but the movie is amazing timepass...witty one liners...amazing camaraderie between the awesome foursome...its tusharr and sharmaan who steal the show...sharman in particular is will get mouth ache laafing throughout the movie..they cud've done away with those two songs and cud've tried something else for climax...other than these minor things the movie is a laughathon from scene one...chk it out...

Tears in heaven

Eric clapton would have sung it on a different tune...Yesterday was another sad day on the history of Mumbai..some heartless creatures let out mayhem on the suburban trains..for a change the news channels decided to leave out the gore of the situation and concentrated on helping the victims in communicating..nice deed..i really dont understand the motive behind such terrorist attacks...wat do they think??if they detonate a few bombs.. a country of 100 crore people will beg before them and offer watever these misguided wrongly motivated soulless creatures demand on a platter? NEVER is the answer. And it should be told loud and clear so that those deaf ears can hear.

In a recent mock survey Mumbai was voted 35th in etiquette and courteousness..the people who did the survey shd've seen the mumbiakars yesterday in action..strangers giving lift to stranded people...offering their mobiles so that the passengers of those ill fated trains can communicate...queuing up at hospitals to donate…


Desired Celebrity
hmmmm...its simply difficult...isnt tht an oxymoron...anyway..lemme group them ....

Till certain age it was my dad...he knew everything...he was superman-who-cant-fly for me...he had all the answers ....though other characters have occupied some portion of his share...he still remains the numero uno...dont care wat others say abt it ..he would always be my number one celebrity... friends used to comment on my craze for music...i go crazy over SPB's and Chitra's mesmerising voice....i'm a sucker for any voice which is refreshingly fresh and smooth ....shreya ghosal,sunidhi chauhan,sonu,abhijeet,kishore,rafi....the list is never ending... Federer...not because these guys jus donno know how to loose...but because of the way they carry the burden of worldwide fame..
Cinefieldla...hmm TomHanks (i forgave him for doing DVC by watching Terminal again)..actresses...(this is tricky...)Meg ryan for her bubbly f…


How long it takes to trust a person...???is an year and half enough?? if its too few a time will a lifetime suffice? might purely be an individual's perception and belief...still there has to a place where the twine meet right....


Well i must admit i dint had any expectation of any sort before watching the movie..except tht some of the songs were too gud....but wow...tht movie was a clean ambush on unsuspecting folks like me...wont say its the best movie ever made sorta thing..but it was easily lot better than some of the mediocre stuff churned frm B'wood..all the songs were too gud..catchy and easy on the ears and very pleasent....and for a change it was a lady lead in the movie who gets to occupy the lions share of the reels...pity..she cud've helped herself with a better voice...shiny ahuja was amazing....emraan-serial kisser-hashmi...does wat he does best...overall its a pleasent weekend watch...chk it out